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This year things are a little tight over at the iwantsecondsplease’s household. I’lI admit, I was never one to rise at the crack of dawn to scoop up bargains. I’m more of a “wait, how did it get to be this late in the holiday season, this is going to cost a fortune to ship…” holiday shopper. But, I have thought about shopping early. And, I’ve felt guilty when I didn’t. I think that counts for something. This year, however, the wallet is feeling a little light and the holiday gift list has been trimmed. So, while others rush out to kick off the holiday shopping season on the Friday after Thanksgiving, I will sit around eating leftover turkey sandwiches, without the guilt. But, in honor of Black Friday and my budget, I will raise a glass of Poor Man’s Black Velvet. Cheers to you and yours!

Poor Man’s Black Velvet

Fill a chilled beer glass halfway with hard cider, and then the rest of the way with stout, such as Guinness. Pour at a 45 degree angle allowing a bit of a head.

Relax and sip.

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