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As winter temps sneak their way into November (27 degrees today, yikes! Why, oh why, do I insist on living in Minnesota? )  the urge to bake rises.  It’s not so much that I love to bake, I just love any excuse to turn the oven on and make the kitchen a wee bit warmer.  So, today it’s bread.  I picked up this fab tip from steamy kitchen (love that name!)  It’s bread making secret #1: When baking bread in a standing mixer with a dough hook, mix for for 2 minutes, let rest for 7, knead some more (mix with the dough hook) for 3 minutes.

In all my forays into bread making, I’ve never seen the tip to let the dough rest in between mixing.  (Of course, I’m not the best with instructions…)  I can already see that my dough looks so much smoother than before.  yum, fresh bread with dinner tonight.  My kids are gonna love me!

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