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roller coaster cocktail

It’s not news to anyone that the economy has been downright scary these days.  With each passing day it becomes more difficult to just grin and bear it.   After years of watching the dow jones industrial average surge upward, the hurtling run downward leaves us all with our stomachs in our throats.  Oh, but wait, the dow is up again, no down, no up.  Oh no here comes the big one!  Might as well wave your hands over your head and scream at the top of your lungs.  Let’s hope and pray the ride brings back up again.  In the meantime, enjoy this timely cocktail, the Rollercoaster.  Now I’m not advising you to drown your  sorrows and your economic woes should not lead you to drink, but it is Friday! So enjoy this simple, tasty mix of grapefruit juice and amaretto almond liqueur.   It’ll help calm those fraying nerves.

Roller Coaster Cocktail

2 parts amaretto

3 parts grapefruit juice

Shake, pour over ice, serve.

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